Julius Tobias,
product designer

Graphic > UI > UX > Product, Design
Melbourne, OZ > PNW > Denver, CO >
San Diego > Loveland, CO

Hi! Since 2014, I’ve been working in the field of healthcare medical devices. During that time, I’ve helped lead the design on a suite of cloud-based applications from early concept to market release, and the next-gen UI for a pharmacy device.

My experience includes interacting directly with development, stakeholders, systems engineers, and marketing to design and create userflows, wireframes, prototypes, hi fidelity screen mocks, design systems, production code, and more. I have a high attention to detail, can self manage, and I know what it takes to design products and deliver solutions in a heavily regulated industry dealing with big data, complex devices, and specialized workflows.

In my free time I explore app ideas, take on fun side projects, and work on my illustration hustle while enjoying life with my wife and our cats.